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Transparency Report

Everything you should know about our governance

This page is updated annually with information about the previous calendar year.

Our 2015 annual report will be published shortly - Ian Power, Executive Director 01/09/2016


At we are very open about our performance, spending, income, governance and leadership. Our vision is to empower young people in Ireland to live happy and healthy lives and our mission is to provide an Irish online information hub written by young people to support other young people.

We believe we should be 100% transparent and accountable to our readers, donors, funders and the public as to how is governed. Our board is made of up of passionate people who either work with young people or are experts in necessary fields to ensure the good governance of the organisation. The one thing they all have in common is a desire to see the young people of Ireland prosper. Similarly, our Action Panel ( a group of 20 young people from around Ireland ) play a pivotal role in our governance structure to ensure our service and messages stay relevant to the people we serve.

If you have any queries about any of the below you can contact us at or by phone on (01) 675 3554 and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can.


In 2014, recorded 639,000 readers making 821,500 visits to site and consuming 1.56m million pages of information.

Last year (2014), we spent €577,206 of an income of €341,453 and €235,681 of funds brought forward from 2013. 

In simple terms, it cost approximately 90c per reader to run the service in 2014. 

Around 70% of this was spent on staff related costs. As an information hub, our main cost is employing the eight people to keep it full of content, to run the campaigns to inform and build awareness, and to advertise our service to new readers.

The surplus for 2013 was due to funding granted for project activity in 2014 (#DitchTheMonkey, MiYo and The Survival Guide).

We’ve provided our audited accounts to the Companies Registration Office and you can download them here, but for those without degrees in accounting, here’s a breakdown which shows where every €10 we spent in 2014 went:

Audited Accounts is a registered trading name and project of Community Creations Limited. is currently the only project being run by Community Creations Limited.

Our audited annual accounts for the year end 31/12/14 can be downloaded by clicking here.

Community Creations / profile.

Annual Report

The annual report for 2014 is available to read here.


No staff member at earned over €50,000 per annum (inclusive of pension, health insurance etc.) or under €25,000 per annum.

Each employee was given a One4All gift card at Christmas.

The Executive Director was paid a total (gross) of €50,000 in 2014. 

No employee of received a salary top-up or bonus.

You can find a list of our staff members here

Board of Directors

All board members are entitled to be refunded for vouched expenses associated with attending the six annual board meetings.

The total cost of running our board meetings came to €470 in 2014.

Our board members are donors to

You can find a list of our board members here and a list of our action panel members here.


Our two main funders are the Atlantic Philanthropies and the Health Service Executive.

The Atlantic Philanthropies has granted a total of €880,000 to over the period 2009 - 2013 with a further grant of €220,000 to the organisation for the period 2014 (€130,000) - 2015 (€90,000).

The Health Service Executive has funded the work of with a Section 39 grant every year since our foundation in 2004.

In 2014 this grant totalled €161,000 over half of which came from the HSE National Office for Suicide Prevention (NOSP) and remainder from HSE’s Health & Wellbeing Directorate.

Governance Code

Community Creations is a company limited by guarantee (CLG) and trades as, currently as its only project.

For the purposes of the Governance Code, Community Creations is classed as a ‘Type B’ organisation. The board certified compliance with the Governance Code for ‘Type B’ organisations in 2013.

After this the board opted to pursue the gold standard in compliance by reaching the level of Governance Code compliance expected of ‘Type C’ or large organisations. Community Creations was officially recognised as compliant with the Governance Code for ‘Type C’ organisations in December 2016.

Our signed statement of compliance with the Governance Code can be found here.

Statement of Fundraising Principles

Our signed copy of the Statement can be viewed here.

We have produced a Donor Charter outlining our committment to users, donors and funders, which can be read here.

  • Here is a link to the full statement of fundraising principles on the ICTR website.
  • Here is a link to ICTR's fundraising code of practice to which we subscribe.

Data Protection & Terms of Service

As we retain data on our contributors and donors, we have composed a data protection policy which can be read here.

Our Terms of Service can also be found here.

Complaints Procedure (Fundraising & General)

Here at we take your feedback seriously, especially complaints.  If you do have a comment about any aspect of our work, including fundraising, you can contact Community Creations Ltd. in writing or by telephone. In the first instance, your correspondence will be dealt with by our Executive Director in a timely manner.

Please give us as much information as possible and let us know how you would like us to respond, providing relevant contact details.

Write to:

Executive Director
Community Creations Ltd. t/a
Sean MacBride House
48 Fleet Street
Dublin 2
Tel: 01 6753554

We are open Monday to Friday from 09.30 am to 5.30 pm

Where the Community Creations Limited’s procedure for complaints relating to fundraising activities becomes exhausted without satisfaction to the complainant, the next level of the complaints procedure is directed to the Monitoring Group of the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising. You can email the group at

Any and all matters of illegality will be addressed immediately to An Garda Síochána.

Our Policies