Love/Hate Table Quiz

Coola-boola Nidgey. Happy days!


You've been glued to the telly for weeks, following every twist and turn and whether you loved or hated the end to Season 4, we want to see how closely you've been watching the show at the ultimate Love/Hate Table Quiz.

How much did you take in and how much just went straight over your head?

Put yourself to the test with your fellow love haters at Against the Grain on Wexford Street in Dublin on Tuesday November 19th at 7pm.

I'll be coming up with the questions (from seasons 1-4) and in true Love/Hate style I will be accepting bribes (*cough cough* donations).

We'll have eight rounds of eight Qs (including a picture round and audio round) - what more could you want? (Other than another season of course!)

If you're in denial that Season 4 is over, you can numb the pain with the rest of us and have a great night of fun and Fran quotes.

Gather your fellow Love/Hate fanatics and book your table right now, they're already selling fast: 

Swot up on some classic Love/Hate quotes here

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Published November 06, 2013
Updated November 26, 2013
Tricia Purcell
  • Love/Hate Table Quiz
  • Watch a preview of the season finale and buy tickets for our #LoveHate table quiz here:
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