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What rules rule you? Classroom Law

We spent the day with 50 young people at Youth Work Ireland HQ, discussing rules in the classroom.

Written by John Buckley | View this authors Twitter page and posted in education

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Uniforms, piercings, suspensions, CSPE, expression, lunch is often defined by lots of rules around lots of differnet things. On the 19th of February, 50 young people came together, as part of Youth Work Ireland's "Young Voices" project. The topic, "what rules rule you?"

Here are some of the rules that people in school face every day

Young people had been frustrated by what they felt were rules that's stifled individuality and expression. They decided to come together to explore questions around rules in school and also to develop a resource for schools and young people to use in relation to forming rules in schools. 

The topics addressed during the event were:

  • Rights, political education and student councils 
  • Admissions, attendance and education 
  • Schools changing with the times 
  • Appearances and possessions 

The groups present were clear that they wanted to be able to input and work with schools more about forming rules. And here's how they felt that they could do this: 

Here's the best of the tweets from the day: 

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Published February 19th, 2014
Last updated October 22nd, 2015
Tags education youth participation youth work
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