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Research finds that face-to-face bullying is more common than cyberbullying

Teenagers report that they experience much more traditional bullying

Written by Megan Stonecipher and posted in life

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Today, there has been a shift of focus on cyberbullying rather than face-to-face bullying due to the growing presence of social media.  However, a recent study conducted in the UK shows that face-to-face bullying is still very much a problem and is actually much more common than cyberbullying.

The study found that less than 1% of 15 year olds surveyed reported being cyberbullied, 27% reported being bullied in person, and 3% stated that they had been bullied both online and in person.

The lead author of the study, Dr. Andrew Przybylski from University of Oxford sums up the results by saying, “despite common perceptions and the growth of the online world for teenagers, our study finds that cyberbullying, on its own, is relatively rare, with face-to-face bullying remaining most common among teenagers.”

So if we want to continue to solve the issue of bullying as a whole we need to start focusing on traditional face-to-face bullying in addition to cyberbullying.  Professor Dieter Wolke from the University of Warwick offers up his opinion on this by saying, “any intervention to reduce bullying and the adverse mental health effects caused by victimisation must include efforts to reduce traditional bullying.”  Without treating traditional face-to-face bullying we will never be able to fully address the problem of bullying as a whole.


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Published July 13th, 2017
Last updated July 17th, 2017
Tags bullying cyberbullying
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