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Research shows continued bullying of LGBTI+ youth

Bullying, harassment and discrimination still occurring with LGBTI+ youth

Written by Megan Stonecipher and posted in life

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Unfortunately, research shows that LGBTI+ youth are still subject to bullying, harassment and discrimination despite all of the efforts made in the past couple of years to put an end to these things.  

A survey of 4,000 young people found that more than a fifth of young people in the LGBTI+ community are still continually harassed and bullied in public areas like, school and work.  

The survey allowed for suggestions for promoting a more accepting and open society towards the LGBTI+ community, and a few of the recommendations included things like gender recognition for people under 18, reforming laws pertaining to the topic of hate crime legislation, widening sex education classes to include topics like gender and sexuality, and several more as well. 

On the bright side though, several respondents did note that although there is still bullying occurring, society in general seems to be more accepting and open to LGBTI+ people, especially following the passing of the Marriage Equality Referendum in 2015.



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Published July 5th, 2017
Last updated July 7th, 2017
Tags lgbtqi bullying lgbt
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