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The story of (over)consumption and me

What part can you play in helping the environment?

Written by SpunOut | View this authors Twitter page and posted in life

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The average American/European consumes 32 times more than the average Kenyan. Often we focus solely on the population aspects of what the planet can sustain, but seldom do we question how much the one European/American consumes (or how much should they?) and what’s the cost of this paid by the environment and the world’s poor?

Today is World Environment Day, and the above animation seeks to question the underlying relationships between ‘us’ as consumers, ‘them’ as producers and the impact that these choices have on the planet.

For example, how much water do you think is used up to produce just 1kg of chocolate, or say 1kg of beef? Should we be concerned about this? What if I told you that one third of all food bought off the shelf will end up in the bin? Food companies waste plenty of food in their supply chains too – think of the ugly fruit and vegetables as well as the heels of bread, for example. Now multiply this on a global scale.

Share the consumption video and explore the info tables for yourself. Acting on these issues requires more than just being consumers. Small actions count, and these start with you.



For more information on the data, the top ten food companies and references used in the video, head over to Development Education.

This article has been submitted by Tony Daly who is a writer and educational activist with

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Published June 5th, 2013
Last updated October 28th, 2015
Tags environment
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