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Support BeLonG To’s call to extend gender recognition to U18s

BeLonG To are calling on the government to extend the protection of the Gender Recognition Act to under 18s

Written by Michelle O'Connor and posted in news

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This month marks the first anniversary of the commencement of the Gender Recognition Act, 2015. This was a huge legislative milestone for transgender people in Ireland who can now apply to have their gender legally recognised for the first time. Since its passing, the legislation has seen over 150 people have their gender legally recognised, significantly improving their lives.

Ireland is now a global leader in trans rights, and is one of only 6 countries worldwide that has legislation based on self-determination. This means that individuals who are 18 years or older require no medical diagnosis or assessment in order to have their gender legally recognised.

However, for trans young people, the Act fails to meaningfully include or protect them, as 16-17 year olds have to go through a much more complicated and lengthy process than those over 18 because they are required to obtain parental consent, two medical opinions and a court order.

For trans people under 16, there is currently no pathway to legal recognition, even with parental consent. This causes a number of difficulties for young people, such as travelling with their passport, opening a bank account or attending school in their true gender.

BeLonG To is asking for your help to extend the protection of legal gender recognition for young trans people in ireland. They would like for you to call your TD and tell them how passionately you feel about equality for the young trans people in Ireland.

A number of BeLonG To’s youth group for trans young people, IndividualiTy, travelled to Bologna in Italy to take part in the Transgender Europe Conference. Take a few minutes to enjoy the video about their experience.

For more information about BeLonG To, check out their website

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Published September 9th, 2016
Last updated January 5th, 2018
Tags lgbt gender identity
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