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General Election Candidate: Cormac Manning

Green Party candidate Cormac Manning is interested in a fair economic recovery and action on climate change

Written by SpunOut | View this authors Twitter page and posted in news

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This is one in a series of profiles on young General Election candidates for 2016. If you are a candidate and would like to take part, email

  • Name: Cormac Manning
  • Constiuency: Cork North West
  • Party: Green Party

In a nutshell, tell us about yourself

I don't come from any political dynasty, but decided to run for the Dáil because I believe in politics for the common good.

If elected, what will your priorities be?

  • An economic recovery for all, not just focused on those at the top or those in Dublin.
  • To promote transparency and honesty in politics, so you know in whose interests decisions are taken.
  • Real support for public transport.
  • Strong action on climate change, reducing flooding in Ireland and abroad.
  • A referendum to guarantee public ownership of Ireland's water.
  • Increasing retrofitting insulation grants.
  • Helping children who go to school hungry by rolling out warm school dinners in schools, using local nutritious produce and available to all children.

What do you think are the issues that most affect young people in Ireland today?

For many young people, the education system and the sometimes narrow band of talent it rewards. For other young people, the difficulties of finding a job. For many others, trying to make ends meet when it comes to rent and housing.

All around me I can see the effects of inequality, where some people get better or worse chances in life just because of what background they were born into. This can't be right!

One issue which I think sometimes gets overlooked as a “young people's issue” is climate change. We can see the first impacts now, for example with flooding. But depending on our decisions there may be a lot worse to come and my generation will have to cope with the consequences of choices made today.

If elected, what will you do about these issues? 

When children go to school hungry, on top of everything else it makes it harder to concentrate and learn. The Green Party recently published our school dinners policy, offering warm meals to every child in school. We would work in conjunction with local farmers and nutritionists to ensure we serve local and healthy food. If other countries like England can do this why can't we?

I would work to increase retrofitting insulation grants. This will cut heating bills for struggling families, as well as cutting our carbon emissions. It will create jobs for people with construction skills, and ensure we all live in warmer housing. After a few years, this investment will pay for itself in reduced heating costs. What's not to like?

The Greens would reform the current property tax and commercial rates into a site value tax, which incentivises householders and developers to make the most effective use of their property. This would help force developers to use vacant land in prime locations instead of leaving it idle.

What message have you for young voters? 

Get out and vote! Currently many people my age either aren't registered to vote or don't turn up on the day. That means that politicians focus more on issues affecting the people who do turn up and vote at the expense of others. Let's change that.

You can find out more about what the Green Party is offering on, and if you like our policies and candidates I'd ask you to vote Green number 1.

The world is ruled by those who turn up!

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Published January 26th, 2016
Last updated February 16th, 2016
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