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General Election Candidate: Fergal Smith

Priorities for this Green Party candidate include sustainable farming and employment in the environmental sector

Written by SpunOut | View this authors Twitter page and posted in news

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This is one in a series of profiles on young General Election candidates for 2016. If you are a candidate and would like to take part, email

  • Name: Fergal Smith
  • Constiuency: Clare
  • Party: Green Party

In a nutshell, tell us about yourself.

I am a farmer, a father and husband. I could no longer sit and watch decisions made without due care for our children's futures

If elected, what will your priorities be?

  • Reconnect communities through local commerce.
  • Adopt sustainable approaches to farming.
  • Create employment in the environmental and natural sector.
  • Sustainable, warm, homes for local people.   
  • Education to focus on natural world.

What do you think are the issues that most affect young people in Ireland today?

Our environment. Without healthy soil nothing can exist. It's the beating heart of our land, our livelihoods and our independence. We also need to bring people together and unite a community. Access to affordable homes. I feel that young people are disheartened about the Top level decisions that are made on their behalf.

If elected, what will you do about these issues?

I would bring people back to the land through access to land schemes and connect current famers with young people passing on valuable information. I would encourage small diverse farms and bio-diversity everywhere. I would support small and medium sizes business. I will encourage young people to be a part of a positive solution.

What message have you for young voters?

I will do what is needed to deliver the policies to combat climate change. Look at what I do today and believe me that I want to make a better, healthier, brighter world for Irelands next generations.

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Published January 25th, 2016
Last updated February 16th, 2016
Tags general election politics ge16profile
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