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Local Candidate Profile: Sean Tyrrell

Sean Tyrrell is an independent candidate for Ballymun and says he is free from any party influences!

Written by James Mulhall | View this authors Twitter page and posted in news

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This is one in a series of profiles on young local election (#LE14) and European election (#EP2014) candidates for 2014. We will be profiling a different candidate (from all parties and none) each week. If you are a candidate and would like to take part, drop an email to

Sean is a 21-year-old final year student in DCU, studying economics, politics and law. He was born and raised in the Ballymun flats and is running for Ballymun as an independent candidate in the local elections. Sean has been involved in his community for years, with the likes of the Ballymun Tidy Towns committee. Sean believes our politicians and politics have become out-dated and wants to see fresh blood on his local council to bring in much-needed changes.

What motivated you to stand for election?

Growing up, I’ve watched successive governments and councils give the people of Dublin North-West the ‘run around' as they've tried to build a life and a home for themselves, and I’ve gotten sick of this! Our council has become out-dated with out-dated ideas and policies, who can honestly blame people for feeling at times the council is working against them and not for them. I don’t want to be just another local representative; I want to be a voice who will represent the views and opinions of the people of Dublin North-West, instead of representing the views and opinions of one of Ireland’s political parties that is well past its use by date.

What youth issues are you passionate about?

I don't concentrate all my efforts on "youth issues" as most of these issues are also shared with other generations. Obviously, unemployment is a big issue for a lot of people young and old. That's why I've put such a strong emphasis on promoting local business, and why I want to see a significant reduction in commercial rates, to enable these businesses to reduce prices, attracting more customers, which I hope would lead to the hiring of any additional staff needed to cope with the increased demand. Most young people I'm talking to are either looking for part-time work to fund their education or they are looking for full time work, they don't want to be at the mercy of Joan Burton and the Dept. of Social protection they want to work, and preferably in Ireland.

We also need to take a serious look at funding that can be made to youth centres. Just before Christmas, a group of us from the Model United Nations society in DCU done a WW2 D-day simulation with kids in the Reco in Ballymun. It was a great way to keep them occupied and promote education. The staff told us between sessions the kids of their own free will took it upon themselves to look up additional info about the landings, and one participant even decided to join the scouts after being exposed to a new way of learning. Unfortunately a lot of places like Reco can only fund so many programmes, while trying to cater to a variety of age groups, and they need as much help as they can be given to help give younger people in our community (a) a place to hang out, do homework, make new friends etc. and (b) get any support and advice they may need from the positive role models working and volunteering in these places. These services are vital and need to be protected.

How will you push your issues to the forefront of the political agenda?

As an independent, I am in a unique position where, unlike most candidates running with a party, I can actually be a voice for the people on the council. Past independents such as Tony Gregory have proven you can be effective as an independent, so I've essentially skipped this stage and am free to bring up any issue without fear of a political party trying to manipulate me.

What message have you for young voters?

GET OUT AND VOTE! Whether it be for me or another candidate, you have a vote so use it. We constantly hear people like Enda Kenny come out with various phrases such as "Safeguarding our future" everything is in the future, take control and shape your own future by putting public representatives into power that you believe can bring about real change and offer something different. By Playing your part you can make a new tomorrow!

And finally, what's your favourite food for after a hard day of campaigning?

A good home made chili con carne!


To keep up to date with Sean's campaign, check out his Twitter account @VoteSeanTyrrell and his Facebook page. 

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Published March 24th, 2014
Last updated October 19th, 2015
Tags politics voting elections
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