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Win tickets to the Funky Seomra

Win tickets to the Funky Seomra

Enjoy a night out without alcohol

Written by SpunOut | View this authors Twitter page and posted in news

The Funky Seomra is Ireland’s most successful alcohol and drug free nightclub. So far over 35,000 people have attended Funky Seomra events since it started. The event will have Dj’s playing music, head, neck and shoulder massages, a juice and smoothie bar with delicious treats from the Happy Pear Cafè. There are also cosy chill out areas with comfy couches and giant buddha bags.

This year it is celebrating it’s 7th birthday and and as part of these celebrations we have 4 free tickets to give away to the next Funky Seomra night on November 28th, in Filmbase, Templebar, Dublin.

If you are interested in winning these tickets all you have to do is to answer the question: What birthday is the Funky Seomra celebrating? Send your answers to before Thursday evening at 6pm. For more info on Funky seomra check out


Written November 24th, 2015
Tags funky seomra alcohol free
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