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10 films for every occasion

SpunOutter Anna picks out her favourite films for a rainy day.

Written by Anna Carnegie | View this authors Twitter page and posted in opinion

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There's absolutely nothing better then sitting down with a bowl of popcorn and a good movie, and SpunOutter Anna Carnegie has put together a list of films for all moods and tastes.

You’re having a Disney moment: Up

Ok, so not one of the classics – but this one is, in my opinion, just as good as Bambi, Dumbo etc. This Disney Pixar animation has all the quintessential elements; adventure (in the form of hot air balloon exploration), comedy, danger, love and friendship. Not to mention the fact that it’s a real tear-jerker. Not just one for the children!



In the midst of a (near) quarter-life crisis: Bridget Jones’ Diary

When those ‘what am I doing with my life?!’ moments strike, look to Bridget. The Mindy Lahiri of her day (except without the successful  medical practice), here is a woman who is a bit all over the place when it comes to relationships, her career, and, well…just life in general really.  I would not go asfar as to call her a feminist icon (there are some inherent problems with her fixation on bagging a husband) but she is relatable. And despite the muddles she gets into on a regular basis, all comes good in the end.



You’re after something action-packed: Casino Royale

The first of Daniel Craig’s outings as Bond, and (in my opinion) the best; I know Skyfall got a lot of praise – and I admit, the scene on the London Underground was incredible – but for me, Casino Royale wins hands down. Not only does it introduce us to Bond becoming 007, it also boasts some truly fantastic locations (not to mention chase scenes).


You want to be scared senseless: Psycho

Although I’m not the greatest fan of this particular genre, if you’re after a suspense-filled thriller, this classic is definitely for you. Certainly more slow-building than the majority of recent horrors out there, it also packs much more of a punch when the final credits close.




Talking is overrated: The Artist

I am not surprised that this one swept the awards board when it was released almost two years ago. In case you missed the hype, The Artist is a silent film which looks at how a successful silent movie actor tries to adapt to the introduction of talking pictures. Featuring some great dance scenes and one of the most adorable canine sidekicks I have ever come across, this is a definite mood-lifter.



You want to revisit your childhood: A Little Princess

Yes, I am aware that this is the second children’s film in this list, but it is also one of my favourites – and for good reason. Based on Frances Hodgson’s book, it deals with themes of loss, charity, inequality and – above all - imagination. Admittedly, the film has some very sentimental moments, but the lesson that life is whatever you make it, is one I think we can all learn from.




You’re feeling Shakespearean: Romeo + Juliet

(The Danes and Dicaprio version) probably the best adaptation I have ever come across of a Shakespearean play (and I am including stage productions in that list). I’m a big fan of director Baz Lurhmann and loved his decision to set the story in modern day, whilst keeping the original Shakespearean dialogue. This makes for a highly original screen production, which you don’t need to be an English Literature graduate to understand.



Satire is the order of the day: In the Loop

I know it’s near impossible to pick a single ‘favourite’ when it comes to films…but this one comes pretty close. A hardcore The Thick of It fan, the film spin-off of this political comedy was always going to hit the right note with me. If you’re in any way interested in the spin, bureaucracy and downright ineptitude of certain aspects of the political sphere, then In the Loop is for you. The scenes related to the ‘future planning committee’ in particular, will have you in stitches.



It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Love Actually

Yes, the festive season is upon us once more. For me, this means only two words movie-wise: Love Actually. The romantic comedy has become a holiday ritual for many, and it’s not hard to see why. The perfect balance between tear-jerking (that scene with Emma Thompson and the necklace) and giggle-inducing, it pretty much sums up what everyone wants at Christmas-time; to be around those they care about. Fluffy and slightly ridiculous? Yes, but (like mince pies and ugly jumpers) I couldn’t spend Christmas without it.



You want something to make you think: A Beautiful Mind

Based on the true story of Nobel Prize winner John Nash, this, to paraphrase from its title, is a beautiful film. Not wanting to give too much away, all I can say is that this is essential viewing for anyone trying to overcome adversity – in all its’ forms. The courage and determination shown by Nash is admirable, and I recommend everyone see the film at least once in their lives (yes, I have watched it multiple times).




So.... What would be on your list?

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Published November 19th, 2013
Last updated October 21st, 2015
Tags films movies
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