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100 Happy Days Challenge

Could you work on being happy for 100 days?

Written by Pamela Handy and posted in opinion

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"The challenge makes you see how important the little things are in life"

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There is finally a new positive outlook for social media called the 100 Happy Day Challenge. A fresh and welcome change to the usual habits we have heard only too much about, like cyber bullying and putting people down. The idea is to show yourself you can be happy for 100 days in a row with the added fun of being able to upload a picture of what it is that made you happy that day along with the hashtag 100happydays.

If you complete the challenge the happy days team have said on their website that they will send a mini booklet of all your photos! So the idea is simple. Take a photo of whatever makes you happy post it to the social media of your choice (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and #100happydays. If you don’t want to have your pictures on social media you can also email the happy days team directly.

The challenge makes you see how important the little things are in life. It can be anything from a cup of tea, to passing an exam, to simply going for a walk. It doesn’t actually matter what the picture is of once it is something, which makes you happy. It is a really positive take on things for the social media sites, which recently have had many complaints of cyber bullying.

The challenge is a welcome and positive change. It completely outs the role of the cyber bully. It is now possible to show a bully this is me and I am happy and here’s why. It completely throws their negative attitudes into the water and replaces it with a positive self-view which is what is most important.

Giving the 100 days happy challenge a go

So therefore, even if you are not feeling the best about yourself or life in general at the moment and feel there is no way you could be happy for 100 days, give it a go. You will surprise yourself at how well you do and also make yourself aware of all the good things you have going for you. The challenge really eliminates the negativities from your life allowing you to only focus on the positives.

It is a great way to spend your summer. Making sure you enjoy each day as it comes the way you want to. It can be tried on your own or a great idea would be to start as a group of friends and see how everyone gets on together. Regardless of how you do it even if you last 10 days in a row, sure isn’t that still great! Ten consecutive days of happiness, you will feel nothing but great about yourself!

I started the challenge not really knowing what to expect. I saw one or two celebrities had started the campaign and wasn’t too sure about it. But being on a gap year between my degree and masters I had the time and decided to give it a try. I got to day 75 and had a wisdom tooth pulled so that was a day of nothing only feeling sorry for myself but up until then I was genuinely happy everyday from friends and family to my pets to a bar of chocolate; there was something everyday and I would recommend the challenge to anyone! Check out the website to sign up and have a go!!

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Published June 11th, 2014
Last updated October 27th, 2015
Tags happy mental health unwind
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