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Channeling my inner Yogi for Gaisce

Piano, yoga, volunteering in a charity shop and meeting Michael D!

Written by Ciara Crowley and posted in opinion

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Finding time to explore new hobbies and interests during college can be quite tough, which is why the challenge of The Gaisce Award Programme appealed to me. Knowing that I would have something to show for my commitment to my chosen activities at the end of the day made the whole idea seem a lot more worthwhile. 

For my Gold Gaisce Award I decided to choose activities that have been on my mind for a while, ones that I have never gotten around to trying out. For my skill I have chosen to learn the piano. I’ve dabbled in a few piano lessons over the years but never stuck with it long enough to undergo an exam. Hopefully using Gaisce as an incentive will put me on the road to completing a few grades!

I have chosen yoga as my sport. This is something I have wanted to try out for ages but I had just never gotten around to booking a class. Doing it for Gaisce will force me to find the time to join a class, and hopefully release my inner yogi!

For my community involvement I have chosen to volunteer in a local charity shop every week. I have done this before and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I spend enough time shopping in these shops as it is, so it feels good to give something back and help out. It also shows how much work is put into the running of charity shops and helping out can feel very rewarding.

I completed my residential project in the Gaeltacht in Rinn. This was a great experience as I got to practice my Irish as well as forming lifelong friendships. A large bonus of my stay in Rinn, mainly due to lucky timing, was that I got to meet our president Michael D. Higgins.

Deciding to complete a Gold Gaisce Award has driven me towards positive experiences already and I know that I will see the benefits even in years to come.

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Published June 12th, 2015
Last updated July 31st, 2015
Tags gaisce volunteer
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