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On the job hunt

Knock, knock, knocking on employer doors!

Written by Robbie Henry | View this authors Twitter page and posted in opinion

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"I am one of the many undocumented and forgotten about souls when it comes to the unemployment statistics we all hear in the media every day"

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In present day Ireland as we all know, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find stable employment, especially for young people. In my own experiences, it has been inherently tough and often times, an extremely disheartening ordeal to obtain a job in the Mullingar area.

I am not particularly inexperienced when it comes to working life, having had steady summer work in the past and even took part in a foreign work placement program through my college studies. Unfortunately, and possibly surprisingly to some, this does not seem to assist me in finding any form of employment.

I’ve spent hours trawling the many job websites online, completing many extensive application forms, only to be disappointed. Many more hours scouring the town’s many establishments enquiring about possible vacancies or work only to be told, “We haven’t really anything for you, but we’ll take a CV” then never hearing back again and sending desperate emails to HR departments of the stores who only accept direct online applications.

When you have to repeat this process over, and over, and over like I have, in the hope that something, anything turns up, it becomes very grating and sometimes demeaning on a person. The age old saying “it’s all about who you know” is not even enough anymore at times. You can have connections, even vague ones, who tell you to bring in a CV, that you will be top of the pile and looked after, but you only get to watch on as a merry-go-round of staff comes and goes through the place.

As I am only just finished a college course, I am not even eligible to sign on so that I can at least get by in the mean time while I seek work. I am one of the many undocumented and forgotten about souls when it comes to the unemployment statistics we all hear in the media every day.

Being a younger member of society, the Big E is also mentioned from time to time. Emigration. While it’s something I would never rule out and does appeal to me as I’m sure it does to every young person but without employment opportunities here, the financial means to do so eludes me.

Another issue that I face, and others do too, is having your intentions of even wanting to work at all questioned. A misconception sometimes exists that young people are lazy and expect everything just to be handed to them. This is for the most part and definitely in my case, false.  As a person, as an individual, with further educational intentions and goals, a social life, general personal interests and other day-to-day costs, I simply cannot afford to not work.

I desperately want to make a living for myself. I am willing to learn, adapt, put 110% effort into any job that comes my way and would be eternally grateful to any employer willing to pay me a basic wage. As it stands, my chances seem pretty slim, but I won’t give up in the hope of finding myself something in the near future.

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Published July 2nd, 2013
Last updated October 27th, 2015
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