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Showing all articles tagged addiction

How do you know if you have a gambling problem?

Evelyn breaks down the facts

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Living with someone with an alcohol addiction

You’re Not Alone

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So you think you're not addicted to smoking?

You might be more addicted to smoking than you think.

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I thought I was invincible: Why I quit smoking

You're never too young to feel the negative effects of smoking. Just ask Cassie

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Roll up cigarettes

They aren't a healthier alternative - there is no healthy alternative

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How to help a friend or family member quit smoking

Tips for helping a friend or family member to kick the habit.

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Worried about your drug use?

The recent death of actor Cory Monteith has brought addiction into the spotlight.

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The fight against drugs

A true life story of overcoming addiction.

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Smoking: The Facts

What's the story with smoking and how does it affect your health?

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Second-hand smoking

Spent all night in the smoking area? Find out what it does to your body

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How to quit smoking

Tips for quitting cigarettes once and for all

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Smoking and your health

Why is smoking so bad for us?

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