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Showing all articles tagged anxiety

Anxiety and careers

How Saoirse overcame her anxiety to land the course of her dreams

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Call me crazy

When you know it's time to ask for help

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How to cope with social anxiety without alcohol

Turning to alcohol isn't always the best way to deal with social anxiety.

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Dealing with anxiety in school

Ellen's advice for the start of the school year

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Minding your mental health at college

Shona's tips for looking after yourself when you start college

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Unite and Conquer: Coming to terms with my mental health

How Ciara learned to cope

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Fidget spinners and mental health

Are fidget spinners beneficial or detrimental when it comes to mental health?

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Society needs to stop the stigma on mental health

Sarah writes about her experience with anxiety

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Much Easier: A Letter To Anxious Students

Sarah writes about the stigma attached to mental illness

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Beat Social Anxiety Disorder with Step Out Ireland

Step Out Ireland organise group meetings for people living with SAD

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Beat that anxiety in a few simple ways

Ciara looks at simple practical ways to reduce anxiety

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Just Stop Worrying

One SpunOutter's experience of severe anxiety

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