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Make young people heard

Opportunity for under 18s

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The Value of Europe

Anna writes about her experience as a new European citizen

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Brexit: What does Article 50 mean?

Theresa May is to trigger article 50 this afternoon

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Goodbye tranquil Europe

Dániel reflects on the EU pre and post Brexit

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Brexit: 28 days later

A young French citizen shares her concerns for the future of the EU following the Brexit vote

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The impact of Brexit on UK citizens abroad

Marlon is English and currently works and lives in Berlin

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Brexit thoughts from a Slovenian

Samo looks at the different factors that contributed to the Brexit result

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Northern Ireland post-Brexit

Conal shares his thoughts on the position of Northern Ireland following the Brexit referendum

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Young people are not responsible, but should take responsibility

Lauren is a young person from Belgium

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Allow Brits to apply directly for EU citizenship

An open letter to the EU presidents

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In or Out? The costs of a Brexit and the Irish effect

How will Brexit affect Ireland?

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Brexit: The Celebrity Edition

Who wants to stay and who wants to go?

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