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Stand Up! LGBTI+ Awareness Week 2017

Take a stand against homophobic and transphobic bullying

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Research finds that face-to-face bullying is more common than cyberbullying

Teenagers report that they experience much more traditional bullying

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What to do if you are the bully

Steps to take to stop bullying

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Research shows continued bullying of LGBTI+ youth

Bullying, harassment and discrimination still occurring with LGBTI+ youth

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Places to turn to and resources to use if you are experiencing bullying

People and places to go to for help with bullying

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Teens in Ireland are bullied online more so than teens in other countries

One in four Irish teens have experienced cyberbullying

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ISPCC reminds young people "You're Not On Your Own"

Watch the new online ad promoting the Childline text service

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"I would cry myself to sleep at night"

A young man tells SpunOut his experience of homophobic bullying

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The realities of slut-shaming

Sexual bullying is hurtful and damaging

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ISPCC: National Campaign to Stand Up Against Bullying

ISPCC shield anti-bullying month starts off with a new campaign.

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Being LGBT in a rural area

Growing up LGBT in a rural area isn't always easy. Here are some tips.

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The problem with viral shaming

Viral shaming is an increasingly popular way to bully and harass people on the internet

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