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Showing all articles tagged depression

Call me crazy

When you know it's time to ask for help

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Unite and Conquer: Coming to terms with my mental health

How Ciara learned to cope

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My route to happiness through depression

What one contributor learned from a mental health challenge

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Celebs who’ve opened up about their mental health

We take a look at famous people who shed a light on mental health issues

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Why making mental illness 'trendy' is dangerous

Romanticisation of illnesses such as anorexia, depression or anxiety is already a serious problem

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You are so much more than your mental illness

Having a mental illness doesn't have to define you

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Living with depression in a country that doesn’t care

Check out Fiadh's video portraying what it's like to be labelled with depression

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Challenging barriers to seeking help when you need it

Are you afraid of reaching out for help?

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Online counselling

Why not try a free session with

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Real Stories: "I relied heavily on alcohol to manage my anxiety"

Kerri's anxiety has made her life difficult, but she is learning new ways to cope with it

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SOS Managing your mental health

Suicide or Survive WRAP Programmes

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Sometimes you have to reach rock bottom before you can come back up

A SpunOutter shares their story of recovering from a mental illness

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