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Showing all articles tagged eating disorder

#StillJustMe is a new campaign from Walk in My Shoes

The anti-stigma campaign is focusing on Eating Disorders this week

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My Anorexia became my identity

One young person shares their experience living with an eating disorder

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My life with Binge Eating Disorder

Jodie writes about her experience of BED

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Eating Disorder: A mind of its own

Clodagh writes about her experience dealing with bulimia

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Breaking down stigma around Eating Disorders

Eating disorders affect more than just young women

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My eating disorder nightmare

Read how one SpunOutter learned to reach out and recover from an eating disorder

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Recovering from an eating disorder

A letter to my 14 year old self

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Why making mental illness 'trendy' is dangerous

Romanticisation of illnesses such as anorexia, depression or anxiety is already a serious problem

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Eating disorders and exam stress

Exam stress can affect eating habits in dangerous ways.

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Speaking up about eating disorders

Reducing stigma around eating disorders.

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Living with anorexia

Each day was a battle between my mind and my body.

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Finding a happy body image

Body image and eating disorders.

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