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We're hiring: Skills Development Officer

Interested in joining the team?

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Young, Paperless and Powerful (YPP)

Celebrating their 2nd Birthday

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Employment Quiz

Test your employment knowledge with this quiz!

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Adventures of a young jobseeker

Ă“rla discusses her obstacles and triumphs through looking for a job, inspired by SpunOut's Compass

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SpunOut partners with the jobs marketplace Jobbio

Bringing you the most relevant part-time, entry-level and graduate jobs to suit you

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EVE - Creating contexts for recovery

This service is available in Dublin, Wicklow and Kildare

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Search job opportunities

Find part-time, entry-level and graduate jobs

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Improving your skills and employability

Tips for boosting your job prospects

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Back to Work Family Dividend

Find out if you might be entitled to BTWFD

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JobsPlus Youth

Find out how this programme can help you get a job

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How to explain gaps on your CV

It's important to be honest and positive when explaining gaps on your CV

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Going on a Job Hunt

Cara shares her tips on getting a job

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