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Pressures of the Leaving Cert

What about your physical and mental health during the leaving cert?

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Poetry: Beyond the Leaving Cert

Sárán argues for greater appreciation of poetry in everyday life

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The PLC option, and why more people should consider it

Roisin had an amazing PLC experience

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Life after school

Hopes for the future after the Leaving Cert

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Surviving 5th year

Chloe's tips on getting through the year

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Exam support for leaving cert students at the elbowroom

A healthy mind in a healthy body

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Relieving Leaving Cert Stress with Yoga

Check out the daily videos from I-Spy

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Finding the right course for you

Choosing a course is a big decision but not as scary as you think

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What does the new CAO Points system mean for students

The new grading system for the Leaving Cert came into effect this year

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Don't let your Leaving Cert results define you

Kat says it's a day to celebrate your accomplishment

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Dealing with that post-Leaving Cert freedom

Rianne has finished the LC and is preparing for what's to come

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My experience of studying medicine in Romania

Sean is coming to the end of this third year of studying medicine

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