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Is gambling becoming more of a problem than smoking and drinking for Ireland's youth?

Gambling rates increase while smoking and drinking rates decrease

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Learning about smoking our own way

Isabel Read discusses X-HALE in her winning blog

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The importance of raising awareness of cancer

Jason explains ways to reduce risk of cancer

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New tobacco laws: what smokers need to know

Plain packaging and other measures will be introduced this year

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Do your bit to stamp out smoking

Take part in the X-HALE short film awards

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Exploring smoking pressures through film

Youth groups across Ireland have made short films to encourage young people not to smoke

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Cigarettes: The toxic love that literally took my breath away

Lauren tells us why her and cigarettes are breaking up for good

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No smoke without fire: a smoker's diary part 2

Follow Aisling's progress as she quits smoking and blogs about it on

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No smoke without fire

A quitter's diary

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What happens when you quit smoking?

A stage by stage process of quitting smoking

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Breaking habits through film

Participants in the X-hale Youth Awards aim to reduce smoking in young people by 2025.

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SpunOut's Quit Smoking Quiz

Put your smoking knowledge to the test.

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