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Sleep deprivation

Sleep deprivation is becoming more of an issue in Ireland

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Ways to eat healthy at college

7 ways to eat healthier while at college

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Best places to hike in Ireland

Some of the most popular hiking trails found in Ireland

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Safefood releases new report about food safety knowledge of the general population

Safefood enacts new campaign called ‘Burger Fever’ to inform people about food safety

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New research finds that zero-hours contracts affect young people’s health

Research finds that those with zero-hours contracts are more likely to report poor mental and physical health than other workers

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What to do if you are the bully

Steps to take to stop bullying

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Places to turn to and resources to use if you are experiencing bullying

People and places to go to for help with bullying

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Teens in Ireland are bullied online more so than teens in other countries

One in four Irish teens have experienced cyberbullying

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Why is Instagram bad for our mental health?

Instagram has been rated the most detrimental when it comes to our mental health

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The relationship between social media and mental health

The impact of social media on mental health, and ways to help lessen the negative effects.

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How to spend your summer if you can't find a summer job

Alternative ways to spend your summer if you don't have a job

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Increase in younger gamblers due to ease of access

There is an increasing amount of younger people dealing with gambling addiction now

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