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Our new website

Blog Posts Novem­ber 2nd2015

Welcome to our all-new website

Today we are thrilled to launch the new, just in time for our 10th anniversary. The new website has been under construction for the past six months and we are so happy to finally share it with you. It is being launched tonight by our Health Minister, Leo Varadkar T.D at our 10th anniversary celebrations in Facebook's HQ.

A whole new look

The biggest and most visible new feature of the website is the lovely new design. The website was completly redesigned to be very clean, neat and easy to follow. Everything from reading articles to finding helpful services is now far simpler and easier to do. We designed the website with young people at every stage from design to testing and are thrilled with the result. 

Accessible to more people

We are also really happy to reveal that the website is now more accessible than ever. Visitors to the website who use screen readers and screen magnifiers will have a much better time navigating the website. Re-designing the website allowed us to ensure that the website was accessible from day one. Menus, articles and all of our reccommended content will be a whole lot easier to access. This is just the start of a whole range of accessibility features which we will be revealing through 2016.

Faster than ever before

Another major improvement is the websites speed. Thanks to some huge improvements, our users will notice a big improvement in the time it takes pages to load. Most pages will now load at least 2-3 times faster, which will help users get to the information they need even faster.

We would like to thank everyone who has helped us reach this important milestone, and make sure to send us a tweet using the hashtag #SpunOut10.