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Fact checked articles

Blog Posts Feb­ru­ary 21st2013

Every factsheet with a health impact that appears on has been given the SpunOut seal of approval. This means that they have been reviewed by a relevant professional and deemed factual and accurate.

SpunOut aims to provide high quality information in a clear, simple and easy to understand way. We do this by making sure our content is:

Relevant: We work with the appropriate professionals and young people to ensure our factsheets are suitable for our audience.

Reliable: We work with relevant professionals to ensure our content is accurate and reliable. We aim to review our factsheets annually to ensure that the information provided is still up to date.

Readable: Our editor and staff writers have undertaken Plain English training with the National Adult Literacy Agency to ensure that our information is easy to read and easily understood.

How do we approve our fact sheets?

Every factsheet on SpunOut that has a health impact has been vetted by a relevant professional with an expertise in the area. If you're reading a health based factsheet on SpunOut, you can be sure that the information in it has been approved by an expert. 

The process

  • All our fact sheets are written by a SpunOut staff member and are then reviewed by a relevant professional who works with SpunOut to ensure that the information provided is relevant, up to date, and suitable for our target audience of 16-25 year olds.
  • After the professional has approved the article, it is reviewed by a young person to ensure that it gets their seal of approval.
  • Our content is reviewed on an annual basis to ensure it is still relevant.
  • We work closely with HSE health promotion professionals to ensure our health content is accurate and up to date.

Our editorial advisory panels

SpunOut liaises with several editorial advisory panels, each with a special expertise in a particular area that SpunOut provides information on. These editorial advisory panels each meet twice a year in SpunOut HQ and are in regular communication with SpunOut’s editor via email. If you are a health professional or feel that you would like to help proof our content, please contact