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Release on Mar 25th: SpunOut invites FG TD to Dublin Offices

Blog Posts March 30th2013


Today, the Dublin based youth-led organisation extended an invite to Fine Gael TD Michelle Mulherin to meet their team in their Dublin offices.
Speaking about the invite Communications Officer, Ian Power, stated: "We appreciate Ms Mulherin has questions about how we are run, why we create content on sexual health, suicide awareness and other issues and how taxpayer money is efficiently used. We'd like to show her around our offices and inform her about how we operate."
Power added: "We are a transparent organisation that are committed to issues young people encounter in the world and want to work with all stakeholders on how we can all work together to help with these issues."

Reliable Information aims to provide young people with reliable information on issues that affect their lives. Sexual health is one area of's work, however the website also provides hundreds of articles on topics such as employment, mental health, suicide prevention, education, alcohol, drugs, sexuality, social change and support services nationwide. The Threesomes article that made headlines this weekend is just one sexual health article alongside information on contraception, STIs, healthy and positive relationships, and safer sex.'s health information undergoes a validation process to ensure the information is factual, relevant and appropriate for young people. This process ensures each health article is reviewed by a relevant health professional before publication. The review focuses on whether the information is evidence based and easy to understand. Young people also review articles to ensure the information is relevant and of interest to young people. We have also engaged with a data quality expert for an independent review of our article development and review procedures.

Edit of language around threesome

This weekend, spoke to young people about whether the website should provide information on threesomes. The young people we spoke to believed it is important to share factual and balanced information on threesomes but that the language used in the article could be improved.
The team have now edited the article to ensure the language is focused on safer sex, contraception and respect. The substance of the article remains the same. The edited article has a been reviewed by relevant health professionals.

For more information contact: Ian Power on or 0831484527