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Blog Posts Decem­ber 28th2015

28th of December 2015
For immediate release launches QUIT!, Ireland’s youth information website, today launched ‘Quit - Your plan to quit starts here’.

According to the Healthy Ireland report, 23% of the Irish population aged 15 and over are smokers, 19% are daily and 4% are occasional smokers. 5,200 people die each year from disease caused by smoking - the highest cause of preventable death in Ireland.’s campaign will address some of the misconceptions around smoking. As well as provide practical advice on giving up, coping with triggers and surviving the smoking area.

The campaign is specifically focused on reaching young smokers in Ireland by focusing on the following; Social Smokers are still Smokers.
Rollies are not ‘safer’.
The Smoking Area Survival Guide.
Quitters Diaries - Contributors blog their experience of giving up.
See for more.

Social Smokers are still Smokers.
Many social smokers do not see themselves as a smoker, but they are. People who start smoking only in social situations, usually go on to become regular smokers. Afterall nicotine is one of the most addictive substances on the planet. We have also produced a video on social smoking, which highlights the fact that social smokers are much more likely to develop a habit or addiction.

Rollies are not ‘safer’.
Another trend that is surrounded by false information is the smoking of rollies. There is a misconception that smoking hand rolled cigarettes is not as bad for you as smoking regular cigarettes, but rollies contain the same amount of chemicals that regular cigarettes do.

The Smoking Area Survival Guide.
You don’t have to give up your social life because you’ve given up the smokes, even if you do think that the best craic happens in the smoking area. But you can have a great social life without being a social smoker.

A Quitter's Diary contributor Aisling Ni Neachtain has written a series for this campaign, "I started smoking when I was 12 years old. That means I’ve done 8 years of damage to myself. 8 years of addiction. 8 years too many."

For more information on quitting, including our video on the hazards of social smoking, check out


For more information please contact:
Claire O’Dowd, Communications Officer,

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