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All Mental Health articles

How to practice self-compassion Although it might be difficult at first, it can really help your overall well-being and mental health

Talking to your partner about your mental health Talking to your partner about your mental health might make you nervous, but it can help to make your relationship stronger

Talking to your employer about mental health Why and how to talk to your employer about your mental health

Quiz: How much do you know about body image? Find out how much you know about body image, body positivity, and what it means to have a negative body image

How to be body positive The body positive movement has grown in popularity, but what does it mean to be body positive?

What are the different types of mental health conditions? Learn more about some of the different types of mental health conditions

How to create a safety plan for if you feel suicidal A safety plan can help remind a person of their reasons to live if they are feeling suicidal

Does having suicidal thoughts mean you are depressed? Learn more about the many different factors that can cause someone to have suicidal thoughts

Dealing with grief after losing someone by suicide If you lose someone by suicide you may experience a range of different emotions

Suicide support services around Ireland There are a number of services around the country offering support to anyone who is feeling suicidal

How to cope with suicidal thoughts There are ways to manage and overcome suicidal thoughts

Understanding why suicide isn’t selfish The best way to support someone who is feeling suicidal is to listen to them without judgement