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Call out for all young candidates running in the General Election 2020 are creating candidate profiles for under 35s in the General Election 2020

What is the role of a TD in Ireland? Learn more about the role of a TD and how they get elected in Ireland

Q&A: How to make sure you’re registered to vote before the 22nd of January Warning that thousands of young people may have been left off the Register

The Independent Alliance and Independents 4 Change: what's the difference? Learn more about the Independent politicians in Ireland and why they form alliances

Irish political parties: The Green Party, Social Democrats, and Solidarity-People Before Profit Learn more about these three small but important political parties in Ireland

What does your local authority do? Your local authority may also be know as the local council

What is the role of city and county councillors? Councillors are elected in local elections by the general public

Who can vote in the local elections? Find out if you are eligible to vote and how you can register to vote

Labour vs Sinn Féin: what's the difference? Learn more about Ireland's largest left-wing parties

Fine Gael vs Fianna Fáil: what's the difference? Learn more about the two biggest parties in Irish politics

How can I help end Direct Provision? By lobbying your politicians you can help support refugees and asylum seekers in Ireland

What is Direct Provision in Ireland? Direct Provision is a system used to accommodate and provide basic welfare to asylum seekers.