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How I found the right therapist for me If you're not finding your current therapist helpful, you can always try others to find the one that's best for you

How I felt coming out as trans in school Ronan talks about the positive steps his school took to support his transition, as well as the challenges he faced

How I support my mental health during lockdown Edi talks about his coping strategies to support his mental health

My experience graduating college during the pandemic Jades talks about the difficulties of graduating and trying to find a job.

Why I decided to delete my social media Patrick talks about what led him to delete his social media, and why others should do the same.

How my arthritis has changed my life Emily talks about how Invisible Disabilities Ireland helps young people across Ireland

How I managed my Epilepsy diagnosis Stephen talks about the ups and downs after being diagnosed with Epilepsy at 17

Why I'm trying not to label my gender or sexuality Ann talks about why it's important to be flexible with the labels you use

Why gender stereotypes have hurt my mental health Mike talks about the pressure on young men and why it can be so harmful to their mental health

How the pressure on men impacts our mental health Ross talks about gender expectations and the impact this has on how he feels about himself and others

How I felt coming out as bisexual Roisin talks about the nerves and worry she felt coming out to friends and family, and the relief and support she got

Workshop: What is Climate Justice and how can I get involved? Learn more about climate change, climate justice, why it's important, and how you can take action.