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Who is responsible for making sure contraception is used

Written by Tia Weldon

While some may hold onto traditional ideas when it comes to who is responsible for contraception, Tia highlights how everyone needs to play their p...

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Young LGBTI+ voices share what pride means to them

Written by spunout

Ahead of the first in person Pride in three years, young LGBTI+ voices share what pride means to them.

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The rise of vaping among gen z

Written by Katelyn Benson

Katelyn looks at the growing popularity of vaping in Ireland among young people.

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As an ex-smoker, here are my thoughts on vaping

Written by Emma Purcell

Emma shares her thoughts on why she thinks there is a rise in the popularity of vaping.

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How the housing crisis impacted my path in life

Written by Diarmuid Gallagher

How the housing crisis has impacted Diarmuid's development and independence.

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While Ireland is not perfect, there is always someone to ask for help

Written by Ishita

While Ishita has witnessed some problems in her local community, she has found that help is always at hand.

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Take 5 for Future: A movement on a mission

Written by spunout

This week, spunout volunteer Amy O'Brien chats with Kate Devitt from Friday's for Future Dublin about the group's goals in the lead up to theĀ #Pres...

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Take 5 for Future: Turning anger into love on the streets

spunout volunteer Amy O'Brien chats with the Friday's for Future Dublin crew every Friday in the lead up to theĀ #PreserveNotPolluteĀ protest in Dubl...

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Why talking about sexual pleasure is important

Written by Bhargavi Magadi

Bhargavi explores how the lack of inclusive sex education has impacted experiences of sexual pleasure.

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