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Navigating sexual pleasure as a queer non-binary trans person

Written by Ollie Bell

Ollie discusses how they navigate sexual pleasure in a binary obsessed world.

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What’s the deal with sex education in Ireland?

Written by Anjelica Foley

Anjelica discusses the impact of having no standardised inclusive relationships and sex education for young people in Ireland.

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My goal this year is compassion

Written by Amy O'Brien

Amy writes about how her goal of self-compassion and radical acceptance can help in cultivating love and empathy for others.

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The change of restrictions has brought up unexpected emotions

Written by Craig Doyle

The initial easing of restrictions brought about feelings of sadness for Craig who had adapted to life as a teenager in lockdown.

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What Netflix’s Sex Education can teach us about Ireland’s RSE programme

Written by Ruby Cooney

While there has been recent progress in Ireland, Ruby outlines how we can learn from Netflix' Sex Education in developing a programme.

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A young climate activist reflects on COP26

Written by Anjelica Foley

What happened at the climate change conference in Glasgow earlier this month and will it make any difference?

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Is enough being done to make slow fashion inclusive?

Written by Aoife Dunne

There have been recent triumphs for inclusivity in the fashion industry but are we seeing the impact in sustainability circles?

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Face up to Fat-Shaming Campaign

Written by spunout

spunout is excited to announce our latest campaign "Face up to Fat-Shaming".

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How language affected my mental health

Written by Joseph Burke

Joseph Burke talks about how the language we use can create stigma and shame attached to mental health.

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