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Ditch The Monkey

Our brand new animated short series

Be aware

Be aware of your thoughts. We can’t always control them but can choose how we act on them. Choose to ignore negative thoughts and try to stay positive. For more visit



A little monkey. A big message.

'Ditch the Monkey' is a series produced by in collaboration with Irish animator Eoin Duffy and the National Office for Suicide Prevention. The series is loosely based on the 'five ways to wellness', a set of evidence based actions which promote positive mental health. Often, our own negative thoughts hold us back from being happy and healthy. By choosing to get out into the world, to connect, to contribute, to be healthy, to accept ourselves and to be aware - we can stay on the path to wellness.

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Director: Eoin Duffy, Producer: Jamie Hogan, Production Company: Belly Creative Inc., Producer for Ian Power, Monkey Character: Rory Connolly, Narrator: Seán Burke, Writers: Eoin Duffy, Jamie Hogan, Michelle Knight, Design: Eoin Duffy, Kristina Shu, Storyboards: Eoin Duffy, Jamie Hogan, Animation: Eoin Duffy, Ronan Byrne, Audio editing: Jamie Hogan, Sound Design: Wesley Slover, Sono Sanctus, Sound Mix: Wesley Slover, Sono Sanctus, Composer #1: Sue Verran, Philip Guyler, Composer #2: Dan Coke, Recording Studio: Egoboo, Studio Engineer: Greg Malocca, Proofers: Claire Petersen, Eileen Stevenson, Laura Gaynor, Shane Boyle, Conor Murphy & the SpunOut Action Panel.

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