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Is Youthreach for you?

Did you leave mainstream education early? Aged between 15-20?

Written by SpunOut | Last updated February 21st, 2018

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Youthreach is an education, training and work programme for early school leavers aged 15-20 years of age. It offers support to young people to identify what they would like to do in adult life and allows them to gain a certificate. It operates on a full time basis and takes in new students all year round. There are 110 Youthreach centres around the country.

Video link shows what it’s like to attend a Youthreach centre.

Youthreach is for you if:

What will I learn?

Youthreach allows students to gain an academic certification. The programmes offered vary from centre to centre but can include QQI certification, Junior Cert programmes and Leaving Certificate programmes.

At Youthreach you will be offered a chance to:

After Youthreach you are encouraged to:

How long is the Youthreach course?

The Youthreach course is usually 2 years, all year round.

Will I get a payment for attending a Youthreach course?

Courses are free of charge and a training allowance is paid. How much is paid depends on your age.

For more information about Youthreach check out

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