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Expert exam tips

Exam tips from a straight A student.

Written by SpunOut | View this authors Twitter page and posted in education

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Cillian Fahy got seven straight As in his Leaving Cert in 2010. He then went on to sell his exam notes for almost €3000 on eBay. Cillian currently studies English and Maths at Trinity College Dublin and is a programme coordinator with

Here he gives you his top ten tips for preparing for the LC:

  • Timetable: structure your study time to make the most of it. 
  • Experiment with study styles: there’s still time to learn how to learn.
  • Keep the exam in mind: prioritise your study based on the marks for each section.
  • Study space: make sure you have your own tidy study environment.
  • Don’t spend too long on homework: manage your time between homework and study.
  • Never count down to the exam. It will only make you (more) nervous.
  • Use your mocks: consider where it went right and where it went wrong – be honest!
  • Start learning now: don’t leave all the learning until the last minute. Your notes may be great but you’ll only get marks for what’s in your head.
  • Do your own research: there are just loads of resources on the web to give you a better understanding of concepts.
  • Reward yourself: study is tough so remember to incentivise yourself. is an interactive online grinds school where you can get grinds on Leaving Cert: Higher Level English, Irish, French, Maths, Geography & Physics and Ordinary Level Maths.

The grinds cost €10 for 70 minutes or €50 per month for unlimited grinds in unlimited subjects.


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Published May 23rd, 2013
Last updated October 22nd, 2015
Tags exams study leaving cert school
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