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University and college

Adventure, socialising, nerves...even a bit of study!

Written by SpunOut | View this authors Twitter page and posted in education

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Getting an offer of a college, Post Leaving Cert Course, FÁS or university course is an amazing feeling. After all the stress and nerves, you’ve got a place and can join that wonderful student lifestyle you’ve heard so much about.

Getting ready to go

Your main worry right now might be whether your image is cool enough for all the new mates you are going to be making at uni or college. Well, it’s time to clear the head and start thinking of other priorities as well. Prepare everything as much as possible before you leave home. Make sure you have enough money to get through the year, somewhere to live and a vague clue of what you're supposed to be doing in your chosen course!  

  • Once you have accepted a place in university or college, re-read all the information on accommodation, financial support and student services. If you are unsure of ANYTHING, visit the university or college website where you will find further information and contact details of the university support services.
  • Ensure you have enough money for the year ahead. See the funding options for university and college.
  • If you know anyone else that’s studying at the same place or is planning to go there, then pick their brains for useful information! Try to find out about the best accommodation choices and where the cheapest supermarkets are.
  • You should start to settle in and make new friends during the first months at uni. However if you feel like things aren’t going well, you’re stressed or have serious money problems, then speak to one of your lecturers or a campus counsellor. Your students' union will have information on who can help get you out of a sticky spot.

Leaving home 

  • If you’re moving out of home, then start organising your accommodation.
  • Write down everything that you need to bring from home. That includes clothes, pillows, a duvet, pillow and duvet covers, some spare blankets, towels, books, CD player, music, kitchen stuff (anything your parents let you take!), a lamp, coat hangers, photos or pictures and anything that will make your new place seem more like a home.
  • You should also bring any correspondence you have received about student loans or grants, identification (for example, your passport or driver’s license), letters from the university or college, bank account details and bankcards, and details of any insurance you have.
  • Moving into a room, flat or house can be expensive because there are so many things you might need to buy. The landlord should give you a list of exactly what’s in the house, so make sure to ask for this when you view the accommodation.
  • It’s a good idea to move into somewhere that’s already furnished, has a washing machine, an oven and a decent bed and mattress. Other perks to look out for are a TV and microwave.
  • If you’re at college or university and can afford a computer, then get one. It will save you loads of time queuing for the shared computers.
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Published January 16th, 2013
Last updated November 28th, 2016
Tags university college education
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