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Find out about what your metabolism is and how to improve it

Written by SpunOut | View this authors Twitter page and posted in health

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Metabolism is the word for the chemical processes that break down the nutrients from the food we eat to create the energy that allows us to do...well everything!

Metabolism is always happening in our bodies, but each person’s rate of metabolism varies from person to person. But metabolism is actually not the awful thing that we think is stopping us from losing weight that we sometimes think it is.

Though part of our metabolic rates (the speed at which metabolism runs) is affected by genetics, there are ways to make metabolism your friend.

The key is energy. The more energy we need, the more metabolism occurs. So while eating healthy foods is always beneficial, exercise is a sure way of increasing metabolism. In fact, muscle mass has a direct link to burning more calories and increasing that metabolic rate. This is because increasing muscle mass involves an increase in energy.

There are two main parts to the way metabolism works:

Anabolism - this is all about the building and storing of energy
Catabolism - this part is about breaking down cells to release energy

Ways to improve your metabolism

  • Aerobics and weight lifting are great ways to increase lean muscle mass and burn energy, but even day-to-day activities like walking to the shop can burn those calories.
  • Getting a proper night’s sleep can help
  • Drinking enough water everyday
  • Try to have regular eating times, like breakfast/ lunch/ dinner every day. Remember, food gives us the fuel metabolism needs to create energy. So depriving our bodies of that fuel slows down our metabolic rate.
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Published September 11th, 2014
Last updated October 29th, 2015
Tags metabolism exercise fitness healthy living
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