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All health articles

Support groups for young people affected by cancer Find support if you have been diagnosed with cancer or if you have a friend or family member undergoing treatment

How can I help someone in a toxic relationship? If a friend is in a controlling relationship there are ways that you can help

What should I ask my doctor before going on medication? Understand why and how you should take your medication before going on them

The risks in self-diagnosing a mental health problem Visiting your GP is the best step to take if you think you have a mental health condition

What to do if you have an unplanned pregnancy Experiencing an unplanned pregnancy can be a confusing time. There are services available to support you.

Is coercive control a type of abuse? Coercive control is now a criminal and civil offence under the Domestic Violence Act

What is protein and should I take protein supplements? Learn more about the impact that protein supplements can have on your health

What effect do supplements have on my body? From weight-loss supplements to supplements for colds, dieticians do not recommend taking them

Should I take health supplements? Learn more about health supplements and whether they would be beneficial in your diet

Is vaping bad for me? Vaping is an electronic version of smoking cigarettes but is it any healthier?

Emma's beetroot veggie burger recipe These are great to make in bulk and defrost when you need them.

Emma's hearty lentil pie recipe This vegetarian recipe is filling, tasty and a nice dish for a cold winter evening