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Soirse Women's Refuge Tallaght

Phone Number
01 463 0000 (24hr)

PO Box 10819

Opening Hours
Open 24/7

The Soirse Refuge provides short term crisis accommodation and 24 hour support for up to six families as well as a 24 hour helpline service (01-4630000) for those who may need someone to talk to but not refuge. They aim to provide a safe, comfortable and confidential space for women and children experiencing domestic violence to seek support around their options. They are open to referrals from all of Ireland and all sectors of Irish Society. Their focus is on empowering the women who contact them and they work from the ethos that they know best for themselves and their children. The refuge also provides a playroom and qualified Childcare staff to work therapeutically with the resident children and their mothers. In addition we have an Outreach Service for families in the community as well as post refuge support and court accompaniment support.

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