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A-Z of festival fashion

Get your essentials for this summer's gigs

Written by SpunOut | View this authors Twitter page and posted in life

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Festival fashion in Ireland is always a tough one to get right. Trying to tow the line between being stylish and being practical can be hard when you can't predict the weather. So, hopefully our A-Z will cover all the bases. 

A - is for Anoraks. Irish festivals cannot be survived without some sort of water proof coat. 

B - is for Booties. If wellies aren't your thing, ankle boots or hi-tops are a safe and super stylish way to go on the foot front. 

C - is for Cross-body bags. These are a great option for holding your phone, purse etc., while also leaving your hands free to wave in the air like you just don't care!

D - is for Dresses. A simple and stylish outfit choice for any festival is a dress. They're the best bet as they can be worn with/out tights/leggings and still look good with wellies.

E - is for Earrings. And other accessories are a nice way to jazz up your look but just be careful not to wear valuable jewellery in case it gets damaged, lost or pinched.

F - is for Footwear. As in forget about flip flops. If you're lucky enough to be heading to a festival and the sun is shining, don't be silly enough to sport flip-flops. You are just looking to get your feet trampled on. 

G - is for Glasses. Again, on the rare occassion that the sun is out, these are pretty key for stage watching without squinting.

H - is for Hats. Rain or shine, hats are another option for weather protection. And for some reason music festivals are way more accepting of head gear than everyday life. 

Pharrell is a man who knows his hats!

I - is for ID. Try not to lose your ID at a gig. Keep it in a safe pocket. 

J - is for Jeans. Can't go too wrong with jeans for a gig. Unless there is a good chance of a mudbath and the weight of them will be unbearable and forget about getting the dirt out of them in the wash.

K - is for Kimonos. These are very en vogue at the moment for festivals and a simple way to cover up bare arms in any weather.

L - is for Layers. Setting out on a murky day can be unpredictable but if you wear a couple of light layers, you can strip off or put on as the temperature changes.

M - is for Money belts. May sound like the biggest fashion faux pas going, but for securing your cash/valuables, a hipster style bum bag (fanny pack) can be a good option to keep things close to hand.

N - is for Numb Navels. Crop tops are a super popular choice by the festival fash packs but come sun down, things can get super chilly so bring a hoodie or some kind of cover up for the cold night air.

O - is for Oxblood Doc Martens. OK, this one is a bit of a stretch cause they are trendy but the PVC is also really easy to wipe clean of mud after a long day in a field.

P - is for Ponchos. Be sensible and bring an easily foldable poncho in your bad. You know you'll just end up forking over €20 for the equivalent of a plastic bag at a stall in the festival because you were too optimistic.

Q - is for Quirky. The awesome thing about festival fashion is you can get away with some quirky prints and patterns and no-one will bat an eye lid so feel free to express your inner quirkiness.

Queens of Quirk, Haim are playing Longitude!

R - is for Raingear. Can't emphasise the raingear enough when it comes to Irish festivals. That 15 minute thunder shower will be the reason you've got the flu after what was otherwise a great weekend. 

S - is for Shorts. You will always see people in all weathers wearing shorts. And there can be some sense to this in the worst weather as it's a lot easier to wash dried in mud off your skin than it is to get it out of your pants. It all depends on how brave you're feeling.

T - is for Tights. With regard to the point above, tights are a cheap option to throw on under a pair of shorts if you want to keep warmish, and not be weighed down by soaked/muddy material trousers. €3 in Pennys means you don't feel guilty about dumping them after the weekend.

U - is for Underwear. If you're camping, it's always best to err on the side of caution and overpack. You never know if you'll get soaked through your clothes so it's no harm to pack extra.

V - is for Vest tops. Again, vest tops are easily layered to keep you warm/cool depending on the weather.

W - is for Wellies. You simply can't go too wrong with wellies at an outdoor event in Ireland, end of. 

X - is for X-large. Oversized t-shirts and hoodies are awesome for warming up on those chilly festival nights.

Indiependence knows the importance of the jumper!

Y - is for Yoga pants. Not fashionable festival wear.

Z - is for Zips. On clothes and handbags alike, zips are ideal for keeping your phones or cash secure. Pockets without zips at festivals are unreliable - be warned.

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Published May 26th, 2014
Last updated February 28th, 2018
Tags festivals music fashion
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