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How can I build healthy relationships?

What makes for a healthy relationship?

Written by SpunOut | View this authors Twitter page and posted in life

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A healthy relationship is one where you feel you can be yourself and trust the other person in it. Feeling secure in a relationship is something which will build over time as you get to know the other person and learn to trust each other. Although no two relationships are the same there are certain values which are needed to build and secure healthy relationships with people, whether that be romantically or as friends. 

What is important in a healthy relationship?


Respect means not only learning about what your partner finds important to themself, but also valuing what they find important as well. Some of examples of respect include being considerate and kind to one another, and respecting each other’s personal and professional goals and aspirations. Respect can also mean compromising, listening to each other, building each other up, respecting each other’s boundaries, giving each other space when needed, speaking kindly about each other, valuing feelings and needs, and so much more.


Trusting your partner is a necessity in any relationship. Trusting someone means that you think that they are reliable and that you are confident in them and with being with them. With trust comes a feeling of safety- that is both feeling physically and emotionally safe. Know though that trust is not automatically there at the beginning of the relationship- it will take some time for both of you to build up trust in each other. Don’t underestimate how important trust is- setting up a solid base of trust at the beginning of the relationship and growing off of that will help keep your relationship strong for the years to come.


Know that many good things come with time. So try not to be frustrated if your partner is unable to automatically give you a direct answer on how they are feeling or if they are not able to make a decision about something important. Being in a relationship means not rushing into things and allowing time for each other to think about things, do things and so on. Having patience with your partner also means not losing your temper or getting angry in stressful situations too- even though this may be hard to do, remember how beneficial this will be for your relationship in the long-run.


Being honest about your feelings and thoughts greatly help relationships. It is better to be honest about how you are feeling instead of sweeping the issue or feeling under the rug and then having it come up later in a much more intense way. Honesty helps not only relationships flourish but it also helps your partner and you to get to know each other all the better.


A big part in relationships is communication between your partner and you. Communication in a relationship should be open, clear and direct. When people think about communication they normally only think about the speaking aspect, but the listening aspect of communication is equally as important.

Never assume that your partner can read your mind- just because you have maybe been together for quite sometime doesn’t mean that they will automatically know what you want or what you are thinking. Also don’t automatically assume things in regards to your partner’s views- just because they stated once that they had a particular view on something doesn’t mean that they still hold the same view on the subject matter, so be sure to always ask instead of just assuming. When communicating be sure to justify your partner’s emotions and to always be a good listener.

Putting “we” before “I”

In a relationships both partners should be willing to put their relationship before themselves. In other words, you should always consider your partner before making important decisions and you should always try to include your partner in aspects of your life. Your partner and you should also be willing to work together as a unit to solve problems instead of going about the common conflict of interest individually.

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Published August 23rd2018
Last updated August 24th2018
Tags healthy relationships wellbeing
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