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Bullying campaigns

Check out our factsheets and opinion pieces on bullying

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Check out our factsheets and opinion pieces on bullying. This is a key area that the SpunOut Action Panel has prioritised for 2013.

What to do if you or someone else is being bullied

Remember: There are things you can do about bullying. The most important thing is to tell someone you trust.

Helping the victims of bullying

What can you do to help?

Why do people bully?

The Anti Bullying Centre at UCD conducts research on all aspects on bullying. As part of their research, they have recently identified the factors that may drive someone to bully. 

Cyberbullying: what to do if you’re being bullied online

Links to articles on how to deal with online bullying.

6 different types of bullying

To try to combat this problem, the Anti Bullying Centre at UCD conducts a variety of research into bullying, as well as offering resources to victims. As part of their work, they have identified six types of bullying.

What you can do if you are being bullied at work

Legally all employers are obliged to prevent harassment or bullying at work.

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Published Feb­ru­ary 28th2013
Last updated March 16th2018
Tags bullying cyber bullying mental health
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