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Goodbye tranquil Europe

Dániel reflects on the EU pre and post Brexit

Written by Dániel Waliduda and posted in news

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During the nineties my father used to work as maintenance foreman in the South-Western corner of the reunited Germany. Sometimes I like to recall the memories from that period of my family’s life. We saw him for two days each month and he took us with him for five-six weeks in the summer periods. It was already years after the fall of the Iron Curtain but I still remember the uniform of the policemen at the Hungarian-Austrian border and the unique chocolates in the German supermarkets which were not available then yet in my homeland.

For me Brexit is a sign of how easily people tend to forget the relative tranquility we live in here in the majority of Europe and after decades and never ending centuries of divisiveness, we don’t appreciate the idea of ‘stronger together’ and what embodies it – the European Union without borders.

There is no question that Europe and the West has its own challenges, but I hardly think that splendid isolation is the solution. People are furious and we have demagogue, vain politicians with simple as f**k answers and without any sign of responsibility who utilise this anger.

I have always been an optimistic person and my friends are too. But in the daily conversations, we arrived to the point where we admit to each other that the peace we enjoyed probably won’t come back in our lifetime. I come from a left-wing family but as I read or hear our leaders’ pale answers to the recent issues in comparison to radical politicians’ recommendations, well, I am not surprised that people don’t buy what they sell.

I fear that Europe needs an apocalypse to restart the process of making a stronger Union, because too many people have already forgotten the meaning of words like tolerance, cooperation and unity.

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Published August 3rd, 2016
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