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Michael Quinn chats to Alan O’Mara on episode 8 of the “Real Talks” podcast

Listen to how the 27 year old Longford man transitioned from the GAA to the Australian Football League (AFL) at the young age of 18 and how this developed him as a person both on and off the pitch.

Written by Conor McCreesh and posted in news

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Alan chats to Michael about his record for the quickest conversion from the GAA to playing professionally in the AFL for Essendon and how he managed this at such a young age. Michael also tells a funny story about his suitcase when flying over to start his new career in Australia.

He chats about how his AFL club Essendon treated him and how he felt the club was behind him at his first two years there and how that changed when new management took over and how it may have had a possible effect on his return home.

Michael also talks about his views on the AFL as sometimes he loved playing the sport and other times it felt like a bit of chore. He also chats about how mentally strong he had to be to keep this lifestyle up as on the other side of the world there were his family, friends and girlfriend at home in Ireland.

The Longford man also speaks about his return home to Ireland and how it differed from a professional sports life into a life where he had to find a happy balance between GAA, work, family and other things.

Michael also talks about his keen interest in helping others as he is a teacher and loves helping people whether it be in the classroom or the football pitch. He loves the idea of simply talking to someone about something other than football as this helps to find that happy balance in life. 

You can listen to the entire series so far here. Subscribe to the Real Talks Podcast series on iTunes.

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Published May 15th, 2017
Last updated January 4th, 2018
Tags gaa exercise real stories
Source The Real Talks podcast
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