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Opportunity: perform at a Dublin music festival The Indy City Music Festival is looking for young people to perform at the event

Deciding the school subjects and career choice for me Caitlin's talks about her journey through 5th and 6th year, as well as how she figured out the career for her.

Single-use plastics are ruining our planet Concerned about the negative impact of single-use plastics, Sean looks at what we can do to help address this problem.

Take our quiz on who’s who in the European Union Think you're a EU expert? Test your knowledge with our quiz.

How healthcare has failed Trans people in Ireland Michael talks about his experience of seeking healthcare in Ireland as a transgender man.

Zero Waste Lunch - the account that’s teaching the zero waste life A new Instagram account has launched encouraging people to reduce their waste at lunch

Apply for a free pass to travel around Europe The application deadline for a free pass to travel around Europe is Tuesday 26th June

What is the gender pay gap and how can we address it? Laura looks at some of the root causes of the gender pay gap and some of the proposed solutions

Is college the only option after secondary school? Nick looks at the benefits of taking on an apprenticeship after secondary school instead of heading straight into college

How I built my confidence in secondary school After being bullied in primary school, Criodan has some advice on making a conscious effort to build confidence

Challenges of paying for student accommodation Talking to other students, Nick looks at the difficulties of student accommodation across Ireland

The power of young people in politics in Ireland Following the Marriage Equality and 8th Amendment referendum, it's clear to see the impact young people can have in politics