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All Referendum 2018 articles

Make a plan for polling day: Voting in the referendum on the 8th Amendment It’s important to plan what time you will vote and how you will get to the polling station call for a Yes vote in final hours before ‘once in a generation’ vote Ireland’s Youth Information Website are urging young people to vote Yes tomorrow

The impact of the 8th Amendment on migrants in Ireland A number of migrant groups have called for the removal of the 8th Amendment from the constitution

8th Amendment is a harm to health, Amnesty International says The human rights organisation have published a paper on how the 8th Amendment causes harm to health

Amnesty International: ‘The 8th Amendment violates the rights of people with disabilities’ The human rights organisation argue that people with disabilities are entitled to enjoy their reproductive rights

Amnesty International discuss the trauma of travel under the 8th Amendment The human rights organisation has published a number of papers on key issues in the referendum

How the 8th Amendment impacts Deaf and hard-of-hearing people in Ireland Deaf Community Together for Yes has outlined why the Deaf community in Ireland need your Yes

Podcast: The launch of the #YouthforYes campaign Listen to our podcast on the referendum and the launch of the #YouthForYes campaign. announce their support for a Yes vote in referendum The youth organisation hosted the launch of the Youth for Yes campaign on Tuesday

Youth organisations launch Youth For Yes campaign joined Together for Yes and a number of other youth organisations at the event on Tuesday 1 May

How did we get here? A timeline of the abortion debate in Ireland From the introduction of the 8th Amendment in 1983 to the announcement of a referendum in 2018

Referendum on the 8th Amendment: What are we voting on? It’s important to understand exactly what you’re being asked to vote on before entering the polling booth