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How will the Leaving Cert 2021 work?

Leaving Cert students will have the option of a calculated grade, a written exam or both in each subject

Written by Rebekah Connolly and posted in news

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If you are a Leaving Cert 2021 student you will have the choice to take the written examination in a subject, receive a calculated grade or do both. All students will have to opt in to pick which system they want to do in every subject. For example, this means that you can choose to take a calculated grade for your English exam, but sit the exam for your Maths. You can also choose to sit the Maths exam but also receive a calculated grade in it. 

Leaving Cert 2021

Calculated grades will be given to students at the same time as the examination results. The decision was made to give students the choice because the government has said that it would be unfair to make students sit exams when a large amount of their time in senior cycle has been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Leaving Cert practical exams 2021 

If you choose to take the written exams you will also have to take your oral and practical exams where possible. Oral exams will be held during the Easter break or shortly after that time. If you need to submit course work as part of the examination in a subject you will also be given extra time to complete this work. 

In some subjects it will not be possible for the practical exams to go ahead due to COVID-19. More details about this should be given to schools in the coming weeks. 

You will not have to do oral or practical exams if you choose to receive calculated grades instead. 

Key information about the Leaving Cert 2021

  • Students will have the option to receive a calculated grade, sit a written exam or both in each subject
  • Calculated grades will be given to students at the same time as the examination results
  • The Leaving Certificate exams will run in the normal time of June subject to public health advice
  • Non-exam assessments, such as orals and practicals will also go ahead this year, but with certain aspects not running due to COVID-19 
  • The calculated grades will be overseen by the State Examination Commission

We will keep you updated with more details on the Leaving Cert 2021 as they are announced. 

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Published Feb­ru­ary 18th2021
Last updated March 1st2021
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