How will the Leaving Cert 2022 work?

This year's Leaving Cert will look more like the traditional exams
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The Leaving Cert is due to run at the normal time in June this year.

Everything you need to know about Leaving Cert and Leaving Cert Applied 2022

If you are doing your Leaving Cert this year, it is a good idea to be aware of what changes have been made.

Will I have a choice between written exams or calculated grades?

The 2022 Leaving Cert will be held as exams only. There will be no option to request calculated grades this year. However, because of the disruptions to education caused by COVID-19, students will be given more choice in the exams and will be asked to answer a reduced number of questions. Find a subject by subject breakdown of these changes.

When will the Leaving Cert exams take place?

The Leaving Cert and Leaving Cert Applied exams will begin on June 8th 2022. 

View the 2022 Leaving Cert exam timetable.

View the 2022 Leaving Cert Applied timetable.

When will the Leaving Cert oral and practical music exams take place?

Oral and practical music exams will be held during the Easter break (April 9th- April 14th inclusive). 

What happens if I get COVID-19 during my Leaving Cert exams?

A second set of Leaving Certificate written exams will be run in 2022 soon after the main exams. If you experience a COVID-19 illness, a close family death or one of the other listed categories of serious illness during the first examination period, you will be able to sit the exams at this later date.

Candidates who miss their oral language examination and/ or music practical performance test due to illness will be able to take the exam in mid to late May.

Need more information?

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Feeling overwhelmed or want to talk to someone right now?

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